Random post whilst watching a giraffe in a penthouse on netflix...

Update, my new room is becoming more complete. I now have a TV, and a end-table. My friends bday was yesterday and I got him a mouse for gaming. I'm gonna take notes on nothing for no reason.

That's my room right now, my cat and dog like to sleep in it. My room was just painted, a desk built for it, and a new rug. Everything is white so it's difficult to keep it clean... But, on a different topic, I miss my Spanish class, so I'm excited to go back next year. I'm tired so I'm gonna stop writing, Night :)


Name's Hair, My Hair.

As of writing this, I'm about to go to bed. Its been a fun day, I got my dread locks fixed (I'll get into that later) But, Yuki, my pug, had an issue with her eye, but shes taking eye drops and it's going to be okay :) I'm just listening to Netflix whilst writing this, don't know what to write anyway, haha.

That's my kitty, he's being Catzilla.

So, my dread locks, I tried to take them out, but I couldn't, I really like them, so they were messed up. We had somebody fix them, they were super nice. I hope you have a good night/day. Im going to bed now, peace.



Ello there, It is I, Squeeches. So, I made this blog around half way through fifth grade, posted a lot, then kind of ignored it. But, IM BACK, going into seventh grade, moved from my house a week or so ago, and it's almost like the start of a new life. And I decided to take whoever the heck is reading this along for the ride. Let's start here.

So I'm no longer an eggrol with one L, I'm now a Squeech. And I have two friends, yeah that's odd, don't judge me for being a little antisocial. Squatch and Squophie. But anyway, this week has been odd, we're having demo done in the house, so there's pretty much no where to hang out in, so I'm just in bedroom or out of the house 24/7. I go to visit Squatch to sleep over, kinda takes my mind of the loud hammers and drills and stuff. I have to admit, going from the middle of nowhere in the country, to a more city-ish neighborhood (yeah, I make up words like city-ish) is super cool, I'm gonna get to meet new people, the neighbors are so friendly. I feel like everyone's a little annoyed lately by all  demo and stuff. I like gaming, and previously I was playing on a spectacular machine, my dad built it for me for Christmas, one of the greatest gifts I've ever gotten, and I'm very thankful for it, but during the moving process everything is packed, so I'm playing on my laptop for the time. I feel kinda bad for sitting in my room and playing video games a lot, but it's because I hate the demolition. This week I've been a little more active, as the demo people are not here this week. It's been fun to meet the neighbors and use my hands for something other than jitter-clicking. I never played video games that much, I honestly don't know what came over me, and I'm DEFINETLY going to try to be on my computer less. In other news, I have a discord server (it's a chat/talk for me and my friends and their friends and... yeah. It's super neat to add stuff to it, and watch every get super excused and come up with ideas and suggestions. Tonight our internet is down because we're staining the floor of the room the internet stuff is in, so we're gonna go to a firework show, and maybe I'll post later tonight, but I have to go bring chairs for the firework show, peace.


First time in SOOOOOOO long.

I have not posted since like... uhhh... i don't know. but a VERY long time, probably the start of 6th grade, but not much has changed, just doing school.

I woke up this morning and decided to start my blog again. So here i am, writing my blog, don't have a CLUE what to write about...

Anyway, I've discovered something. I've wanted to learn how to cook for a while, turns out its actually kinda fun. Except cleaning up.

Today I don't have much school, and afterwards I have to go do stuff.

And a really cool thing i have like nothing outside of the house this week,

Chances are I'm going to stop blogging again, but I hope not soon.

I don't know what to write about!

I don't like writing about myself (unless its fiction) and I have nothing to write about, I mean it's not like I have anyone who i constantly see, well, who wouldn't be creeped out by me writing about them.

Wait, I know!

I got a new phone and, an office for gaming stuff.
TV,  XBox 1, amazon fire stick.
Guest PC
theres my stuff (kinda a mess sorry) at this very computer i have 2 WORLD RECORDS.

Now thats cool and all, but i do have a life.

Ohhhhhh and I went through this maze on SATURDAY (proof dat I have a life)
theres  a bit of glare, it was like 11 ish

Anyway I think that concludes my blog for the day.
thank you for reading, and i shall now go play Puggy (its like horse)


All because of a computer!

So mom, I thought about what you commented on one of my alien posts
So I'm writing this

One day the aliens will come to earth and find a computer, and learn how to use it, then go back to they're planet and make a bunch of discoveries like electricity and vehicles
Then come back to earth years later and return the computer
Show us they're amazing discoveries (that we already discovered...)
Then the aliens and humans will make crazy discoveries
The aliens go back to they're planet (again)
And make cities and streets and lights and phones and continue to discover things.
And be kind of like earth.

So maybe aliens are not more advanced than us?

In the end earth and the alien planet will become a very advanced civilization.



So I like computers and all that stuff...
BUT in like 100 years they're gonna download something into every electronic
So when we sit down to watch tv or play video games were gonna be sucked into the electronic
And eventually we will die unless we're spawned into like... golf or something.
But eventually the ones who got spawned into FNAF minecraft ARK survival games and stuff Will DIE... 😕
The alien races will come out of their invisible spaceships and take over earth
Destroy the computers so we can't get out... If we're still alive 😕
Then they'll betray the people who downloaded the virus or whatever it is
So bye bye humans
I will do another of these
You guys say you like it 3 times